A good strategy will indicate the way forward. If you think you are doing business ‘as usual’, be assured that your competition will earn more than you. To earn money online, now more than ever to focus, improve and possibly change what it takes to acquire, hold and retain customers.
There are two ways of thinking about how to focus our sales strategies to win more money. We ask:

1) How I can maximize my benefits?

Or we can ask the following question:

2) How I can give my customers what they want and need to maximize my benefits?

You see, these two strategies of sales and marketing are radically different, although at first glance may not seem so.

Are you putting profits ahead of your potential customers?

Whether you carry a one-man company as if a hundred people in charge, your compass should point to what customers want and need. This is the direction of long-term success. Your customers have the information they need to develop their products and services and develop strategies and sales and marketing.

Help your customers get what they want and need and buy your products or services over and over again and also tell their friends to do the same.

Are you aware of what their customers want and need?

Here’s the strategy to guide its business and marketing for the benefits:

1. Collect information constantly.

No need to hire a market research firm and spend thousands of dollars to learn what their customers want. I do not mean that these companies serve. What I mean is that there are forms of low or no cost you can use.
Use every possible contact with current or potential customers to find what they want or need. Every time you talk to someone or someone visits your site to take advantage of that information.

2. Ask.

Ask directly to your customers what they want or need. Ask if they have used their product or service and how they think could be improved.

3. Look what their customers with products or services.

One of the challenges of new product development is to get potential customers to identify them. A good strategy is to see how customers use the products. Such research will allow safely get ideas for improving the product. This observation gives us a better idea of ??the direction of our sales strategy and marketing.

4. Listen to the questions they ask their customers.

Every day I get questions about how to improve sales strategy, marketing, how to make email marketing work, and many others. Each of these questions is the expression of a need. Do you realize the value of this for your business? They are telling what they need! This information is critical to developing the sales strategy.

5. Think about how you want to be seen by its customers.

Do you want your customers see you as a supplier of products or services that only goes after the money? Or do you prefer to be seen as a professional they know and trust to solve their problems? The path you choose will indicate the strategy development and marketing of their products or services.

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